Book Fugue

Ok, I’ll confess. I borrowed ‘book fugue’ from my friend Saranna DeWylde, but it so perfectly fits where my head it right now.

I’m on p. 392 of Touch of Thief. The end is so near I can taste it. I love the hero. I’m happy to walk in my heroine’s shoes. I adore this story and the last plot knot is almost ready to be untied.

But my brain fuzzes out whenever I leave the rarified air of my manuscript to take care of any of the other business in my life. I look up from my computer and find myself thinking, em”Oh, yeah. It’s not really 1857, is it?”

Touch of a Thief is due to my editor Alicia Condon on June 1st and it’ll be ready. My dear beta reader has already gone through the first 340 pages so she’s chomping at the bit to read the ending. As soon as I type “The End,” I’ll give the manuscript another pass over, tightening and tweaking.

Then I hope to give myself a day to kick back and read for pleasure. Time for me to live in someone else’s head for a while!

Have you ever been so intent on a project it dwarfs everything else?

2 thoughts on “Book Fugue

  1. MiaMarlowe says:

    Thanks for leaving a comment, Maria. You#39;re right. I guess priorities can get jumbled sometimes, but meeting a deadline is a huge hot button for me. I hate to be late for anything, especially for something I#39;ve signed a contract about. br /br /So that#39;s my excuse and I#39;m sticking with it.

  2. Maria says:

    Unfortunately yes- and sometimes it#39;s not even as important as the things that I ignore or overlook

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