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Touch of a RogueThe Romance ReviewWell, this is a lovely surprise! Touch of a Rogue, Book 2 in the Touch of Seduction series, has been nominated for Best Book of 2012 in the erotic historical category at The Romance Reviews.

I’ll have to confess that I’m not sure how I feel about being listed in an erotic category. My love scenes involve one man/one woman without anything I’d call kink. When I hear ‘erotic,’ I think multiple partners, a tangle of anonymous limbs and sex for the act’s sake without any hint of relationship outside the boudoir. Erotic smacks of titillation instead of storytelling to me. And most especially, it signals disregard for deepening the readers’ understanding of the characters or advancing the story.

Since those are two requirements for any scene in my books, I work especially hard to make sure the explicit aspects of my stories follow suit. I do write hot love scenes–I believe one lovely reviewer called them “incandescent!”–but do I write erotica?

Only my readers know for sure.

The Romance ReviewLord of Fire and IceThe second lovely surprise is that Lord of Fire and Ice, the Viking tale I wrote with New York Times Bestseller Connie Mason, also got a nod from The Romance Reviews! It’s been nominated for the Historical category.

Now I don’t expect it will win. The rest of the books are Regencies by romance luminaries like Elizabeth Hoyt, Grace Burrowes, Shana Galen, Sarah MacLean and Courtney Milan. But Lord of Fire and Ice’s inclusion here might be signaling a willingness in the romance reading public to try something outside the normal fare. I hope so.

With the recent debut of Vikings on the History Channel, readers can get a fascinating peek into 8th century Norse culture. Be warned that I’ve seen a couple of things on the series that were at odds with my research. For example, while the Vikings kept slaves and even had some who were designated as bedslaves, the Norse raiders’ horror of homosexuality would have kept them from offering their slave a chance to join in a three way with the master and his wife. That so wouldn’t have happened.

And I don’t believe there’s any archeaological evidence to support the jarl killing a little boy and burying him with a hoard of gold to guard it for use in the after-life. When the jarl died he might have had servants burned with him in his soul boat, but to my knowledge, no Viking hoards have been discovered with a skeleton buried alongside the wealth.


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So now it’s your turn. Please weigh in on whether or not you found Touch of a Rogue erotic. What is your definition of erotica?

And if you’ve been watching Vikings, do you have any questions about those rough-edged raiders?

(Oh! Looks like the 99 cent sale on Erinsong, my Irish/Viking romance is still holding for Kindle and Nook! The idea for this story came to me when the DH and I visited Ireland a few years ago and I discovered that Dublin started as a Viking over-winter settlement. They may have started as raiders, but eventually, they came to stay.)

As always, I look forward to hearing from YOU.


6 thoughts on “Best Book of 2012

  1. Marcy W says:

    So pleased for you about the nominations of TWO books — YAY, Mia!!
    As for whether Touch of a Rogue is erotica, I was a bit surprised to see it in that category, too. I define erotica a bit differently than yours above, in that I think there can be erotic romance, and have read some books that include both “kink” and depth of feelings in characters and story (although most books billed as ‘erotica’ don’t quite get there, IMO) … but Touch of a Rogue is quite clearly a historical with steamy love scenes (as opposed to ‘sex scenes’), again IMO.
    I guess it comes down to what the reader finds enjoyable … and I always enjoy your books, Mia, however they are categorized!! :)

    1. Mia says:

      Perhaps I’ve been a bit hard on the erotic lable (no pun intended). I guess it just surprised me to find my work in that category.

      Thanks for your support, Marcy!

  2. Barbara Britton says:

    Oh, but you’re right Mia, that offer of a three way in last week’s episode was a bit over the top. I didn’t believe it.

    1. Mia says:

      I was surprised by it because I expected more authenticity from the History Channel, but then, I guess they do bring us the ‘Ancient Aliens’ stuff too.

      But for the most part, I’ve been pleased with the way the culture is depicted. I wish they did more with Ragnar’s visions. His search for signs that he’s on the right track seemed real to me.

  3. Barbara Britton says:

    Hi Mia,

    Congratulations on your nominations. I read “Touch of a Rogue” and I wouldn’t put it in the erotica category. In fact, if it was erotica, I wouldn’t have bought it!

    I have been watching “Vikings.” My husband and I are both Scandinavian. It’s a bit violent for my tastes but my husband says it’s accurate. He’s been to a viking museum in Norway, so he should know. I guess now I have a better understanding of some of my relatives.

    1. Mia says:

      Well, that’s what I thought too, Barb. I’ll admit to writing hot, but not erotic. However, sometimes the writer is the last to know.

      I visited the Viking museum in Dublin. It’s located where they unearthed the remains of a Viking settlement on the river. Fascinating.

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