Another Bucket List Item Bites the Dust

I’ve been working on my 9 Month Professional Personal Bucket Lists for a while now.  I can report that as of tomorrow, I can strike off # 5 on the Professional list ~ Attend at least one writer’s conference.

I’ll be heading for the Write Mind mini-conference sponsored by the Rhode Island Romance Writers. I’m presenting my workshop on story structure. Notice I don’t claim it’s a plotting workshop. Since I’m a pantser at heart, the best I can do is a rough landscape of where my story is heading. But I do know a few important high and low points every story needs if I’m going to hit all my readers’ hot buttons. That’s what I’ll share with the writers in Rhode Island. If you’re in the New England area, how about joining me? The mini-conference runs from 9:30-4:00 on Saturday.

I’m also looking forward to riding down and back with my fellow Kensington author Hannah Howell. She’s a romance legend, NY Times bestseller and genuinely delightful person! We’re going to have a ball.

My speaking and traveling schedule is beginning to fill up for the next few months. Check my Media & Events page to see if I’ll be coming to a conference near you.

There is a special energy around creative people. I’m always primed and ready to write after I’ve spent some time with other authors. Women always find a way to be creative. Whatever you do–cooking, gardening, scrapbooking, making music, sewing, decorating your home, reading and reviewing, the list goes on–I’m betting there are things that encourage you to expand to become even more creative. What are those things?

What is your creative outlet? What inspires you to be more creative?

14 thoughts on “Another Bucket List Item Bites the Dust

  1. MiaMarlowe says:

    Nunung–I confess to writing while driving too and it’s probably not a good idea. I can’t do it while I drive in Boston. Too much going on, but if I’m on the open road, my mind starts wandering and I can easily miss a turn.

  2. MiaMarlowe says:

    Mary Ann–Some of my friends have taken to calling me Sybil! LOL. Fortunately, I’m not the only author with multiple pen names out there.

    An author’s imagination is a little like a meat grinder. No matter what goes in, what comes out will be something entirely different.

  3. Nunung Warnida Amri says:

    I had never really thought about my creative sources. Your post makes me realize, those inspiration comes when I’m doing something alone; driving, cleaning, doing laundry, etc.

    My body and mind working simultaneously on two different matters. I know it considering dangerous do not focus on traffic when driving. I couldn’t help it. My inspirations are flowing when I drive.

  4. Mary Anne Landers says:

    Thank you for your post, Mia. Or should I say The Author Formerly Known as Emily Bryan?

    What inspires me? Hoo boy, what doesn’t! So many sources—people I know, people I don’t but who fascinate me, incidents in my life or the lives of others, events in the news, just about anything I read or watch on TV or on DVD or learn about on the Internet. Not to mention my own daydreaming.

    I’m sure there must be sources I’m not consciously aware of, but which have a great impact on my imagination. I suspect that’s true of every creator in every artistic field.

    Recently I got into a discussion on another literary blog about where writers should draw their inspiration. Some authorities—many self-styled, I bet—say real people, real life.

    I disagree. No matter what the origin of a writer’s idea might be, it will undergo drastic changes in his or her imagination. Once it comes out, it will be transformed to the extent that its source won’t matter. The result would be the same whether it originated in reality or anywhere else. And few if any readers would care what that source might be.

    I hope you can cross off the rest of the items on your bucket list soon. I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to write one. Too many surprises in my life.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. MiaMarlowe says:

    Well, that won’t work, Daz. Maybe another time. In the coming months, I’ll be in Connecticut, Los Angeles, New York City and Springfield, Missouri. Still don’t think I’ll be anywhere near 20 hours by plane.

  6. Daz says:

    Mia, if I were close, I’d definitely come by. Unfortunately, it’s about 20 hours by plane for me, might be longer. Have fun.

  7. MiaMarlowe says:

    Linda–I’m afraid I only have grand-dogs. I still get stuck babysitting, but the upside is I don’t have set up college funds for them.

  8. Chelsea B. says:

    So many different things inspire me at such random time that I wouldn’t even know where to start! :-)

  9. Linda Henderson says:

    My creative outlet is spending time with my grandkids. They probably inspire me more than anything.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  10. Jeanne M says:

    I wish I knew you were going to be in Rhode Island sooner. No one every comes to Rhode Island!

    I’d love for you to be able to visit the Waldenbooks here in Wakefield. It’s a great little book store and they really do a great job when they have an author signing. The book sellers are fantastic about being sure that the books of our favorite authors are always in the store when they are released (and often have them waiting at the check-out desk for me!).

    It’s really a great little store that takes great care of not only the readers but the authors as well.

    Hope to see your there soon!

  11. MiaMarlowe says:

    Chelsea–I know what you mean. Ideas are everywhere!

  12. MiaMarlowe says:

    Jeanne–Maybe I can schedule a visit to the Waldenbooks in Wakefield when TOUCH OF A THIEF comes out next May. I spoke to the RILibrary Association at Salve Regina University last year and fell in love with your state. RI is gorgeous.

  13. MiaMarlowe says:

    Romance is a small world. I’m sure we’ll cross paths someplace again, Rachel.

  14. Rachel E. Moniz says:

    I wish I was going to our mini-conference to meet you again! Unfortunately, the timing did not work out. I am sure it will be wonderful. And yes, Hannah is awesome :-) enjoy!

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