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Update: Amelia Grey’s two winners are–Dani Harper and Karri Lyn Halley. Congratulations! If you didn’t win, don’t despair. I’ll have a new guest next Monday and there’s always my contest. Good luck!

Happy Monday! Please welcome historical author Amelia Grey to Read, Write, Love. Not only is she offering 2 chances for YOU to win A Gentleman Never Tells, she’s sharing a bit about her life, love and books. I met Amelia on my recent trip to NYC for RWA Nationals and she’s a delight. Here’s your chance to listen in on our coffee clatch:

MM: I’ve lived in 9 different states. Looks like you’ve bopped about the country a bit too. What are some of the things you loved about the places you’ve lived?

AG: Mia, I was born in Florida and I’m a Florida girl through and through, but because of my husband’s jobs I’ve also lived in Alabama, Georgia, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.  I moved to Connecticut in the summer and loved it until it started getting cold at night in August! Oh my! And one winter I didn’t see the sun for 3 weeks. I had cabin fever so bad. I am a sunshine kind of girl and I don’t like gray, snowy skies and days it doesn’t get above freezing, which happened often the winters I was in Connecticut and New Hampshire. And I’m certainly not used to seeing snow on the ground before Thanksgiving and not seeing grass again until mid-May which was the case one year in New Hampshire.

MM: Wow, you’d never have made it through a Park City UT winter. We had 12 mortal feet of snow, but if you had skis strapped to your feet, it looked like heaven.

Other than writing, what is your passion? Do you have a hobby or interest you’d like to share?

AG: The first thing I would like you to know about me is that I’m a girly girl! I love pearls, lace, ruffles, candlelight, and soft music. I don’t want to get my hands dirty and I like my make-up on. But I’m a big fan of college football, and I always pick a team and watch the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, and the World Series. I love to watch sports—I just don’t want to play sports. I love living on the beach but I don’t like to walk barefoot on the sand or getting in the water. I love to watch the waves roll in and listen to them crash on shore and one of my favorite things to do is watch the sun set over the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.  I enjoy going to movies, reading books, and traveling to places I’ve never been before. I would rather have a quiet dinner with my husband and a few friends than be at a loud, rocking party.

MM: I see you and your high school sweetheart have been together for over 20 years. What do you do to keep romance alive in your real life?

AG: I’m a ‘always kiss and make-up and a happily-ever-after’ kind of woman. I’m a true believer in lasting love and keeping romance alive through courtship, careers, children, and retirement. And I’m living that American Dream right now. My husband and I married when he was nineteen and I was a mere eighteen years old. Right from the start, our youth put three strikes against us staying together for any length of time. But over thirty-five years and counting, we’re still happily married.

I never thought much about this until recently when we were approaching another anniversary. Friends and family members kept asking me, “How have you made your marriage work for so long and still be so happily married?”

My answer was always, “We grew together rather than apart.”

The question was so frequently asked that I found myself pondering what my answer really meant. How had we managed to live together so long and with relatively few bumps in the road?

Immediately words like respect, compromise, patience, understanding, love, and encouragement came to mind. All of these reflected our devotion to each other. But those were followed just as quickly by words like anger, despair, ambivalence, confusion and grief. Through the years my husband and I have experienced all these good and bad emotions and many more. Most of them more than once, but we’ve never allowed them to weight us down or tear us apart.  Even when our differences of opinions seemed impossible to overcome, we never gave up and called it quits. We talked and found a way to reconcile them and move on.

MM: Words to live by. Tell us about your newest book. Why will we love your hero?

AG: Thank you! I’m happy to. A Gentleman Never Tells is currently available at your favorite local or online bookstore.

A Gentlemen Never TellsViscount Brentwood is minding his own business, walking his mother’s Pomeranian in Hyde Park early one morning when a lovely and alluring young lady walks out of the mist and into his arms. Of course, this is all very much to his liking until they are caught, and he finds out that she is not only another man’s fiancé, she also happens to be the daughter of a powerful duke. And if that wasn’t enough trouble for the Viscount to be in the middle of, he’s lost his mother’s dog, too.

Lady Gabrielle is dependable, sensible, and obedient. That’s why she had accepted the practical, unemotional marriage her formidable father had arranged for her. That’s what those of her kind did—or so she had always believed until early one morning, when her defenses were down, she threw all of her upbringing away for the chance to spend a few passionate moments in the arms of a handsome stranger.

But kissing the stranger didn’t free Lady Gabrielle. She only thwarted the shackles of one arranged betrothal to immediately find herself stuck in yet another forced engagement.  The strong-willed lady isn’t going to give up her freedom so easily. She has plans that her father and Lord Brentwood don’t know about and scandal and mishaps become the order of the day while Gabrielle and Brent scour London to find a notorious dog thief.

Now make a comment about something I’ve said for a chance to win one of two copies of A Gentleman Never Tells.  Good luck!

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Amelia’s Bio:

Amelia GreyAmelia Grey is a pseudonym for Gloria Dale Skinner, the author under various pen names, of more than twenty books.  She grew up in a small town in the Florida Panhandle, and has been happily married to her high school sweetheart for more than thirty-five years.

Amelia has won the Booksellers Best Award and Aspen Gold Award for writing as Amelia Grey. Writing as Gloria Dale Skinner she has won the Romantic Times Award for Love and Laughter, the Maggie Award, and the Affaire de Coeur Award for best historicals.

Her books have been featured in Doubleday and Rhapsody Book Clubs and have sold to many countries in Europe, and in Russia, China and most recently in Indonesia and Turkey.

Amelia’s most recent books were The Rogues’ Dynasty Trilogy—A Duke To Die For, A Marquis To Marry, and An Earl To Enchant. Watch for Amelia’s new Regency historical A Gentleman Never Tells July 20ll.

Amelia likes flowers, candlelight, sweet smiles, gentle laughter and sunshine.

Thanks for dropping by Amelia!

Now, it’s YOUR turn. Leave a comment or question to be entered into Amelia’s drawing. She’s choosing two winners of her newest release A GENTLEMAN NEVER TELLS. I’ll kick it off with a question for Amelia: I love that your hero is walking his mother’s Pomeranian. There’s something endearing about a man who is comfortable enough with his own masculinity not to need a “power pet” on the end of the leash. What’s the dog’s name and does Brent find it again once he disentangles himself from Gabrielle?

27 thoughts on “Two Chances to Win a Free Read!

  1. Quilt Lady says:

    I love that you and your husband has has such a long happy life to start out so young. What’s the secret?

  2. Dani Harper says:

    Hi Mia, Hi Amelia – Great interview, very interesting. Really like the description of “A Gentleman Never Tells” — and I’m a sucker for the Pomeranian!

  3. Amelia, romance and dogs are always a winning combination for me, so I can’t wait to read “A Gentleman Never Tells.” The big, manly cowboy in my last book ends up with a Pomeranian too! I love the combination of a tough guy and a sissy dog:)

  4. Amelia Grey says:

    Bronwen, I’m sorry for your loss. It’s never easy. I’m hoping time helps. As for dogs, You’ll love Brutus and Prissy and they are two very different dogs. Keep in mind I’ve never had a dog but I talked with many dog lovers and did research on Google and I ending up loving these two dogs!

    Na, there are two dogs in this story and I think you will love both of them. They play a big role in the book.

    Karri, I grew up in Graceville which is near Chipley, Bonifay and about 50 miles from Panama city. Were you nearby?

    Thank you for having me today, Mia I had great fun!


    1. Karri Lyn Halley says:

      I grew up near Crawfordville–out in the boonies, but just a few miles from Wakulla Springs and the Gulf. We go to Panama City Beach every May to fill up on “real” seafood and get our beach fix for the year.

  5. Karri Lyn Halley says:

    Though I also like dogs, I can’t resist commenting on where you grew up since I also grew up in a “small town in the Florida panhandle.” We moved to Missouri when I was in high school–quite a change, but I like the different seasons. It’s obvious from your comments you are a true Southern Belle as my Mother and sister like to think we are! Looking forward to reading your book.

  6. Na says:

    Hi Amelia and Mia!

    Amelia I love how enduring your real life love story is. I also believe in lasting love and that a little (or a lot) of romance can go a long way in sustaining it. Doing romantic things can really give things fresh and it is an expression of love that is sure to be appreciated.

    I have always loved pets in the stories I read. I care for them just as I do the characters. I love when they have their own personalities and a distinc role they can shine in. I’m so glad there is one in A Gentlemen Never Tells. I wonder if he’ll be an obedient little bugger or a choatic one? Hmmm :)

  7. The story sounds wonderful – I happen to be a big dog lover. BUT I was very moved by your own romance, which is still on-going. So many people don’t work at relationships. Having lost some-one I know you shouldn’t take anyone or anything for granted.

  8. Amelia Grey says:

    Catslady, I have typos all the time. Congratulations on 42 years. How wonderful! And I hope you’ll give my books a try!

    Hi Barb, thanks for stopping by. I had fun with the two dogs and since I’ve never had a do I had to do a lot of research and rely on friends and family to tell me how dogs behave.

    Thank you, Anita.


  9. Hi Amelia and Mia. Great interview. I loved learning more about you Amelia. I love the line “We grew together not apart”. That’s beautiful. And I think A Gentleman Never Tells sounds great.

  10. Barb Bettis says:

    Hi Amelia,
    Good to meet you here. I enjoyed your Rogues’ Dynasty Trilogy, and I can’t wait to pick up AGNT. I love dogs, but I’ve only ever had big ones. My grandchildren have a small one (mixed) and that boy is fast as lightening, let me tell you. Just watching him play exhausts me. But very smart. He’s a whiz at opening any unlocked door that’s low enough for him to reach. I’m looking forward to reading how your dognappers are nabbed.

  11. catslady says:

    Oh that is suppose to be “our” – sorry, I need my coffee lol.

  12. catslady says:

    We both married are childhood sweethearts. I was 18 and he was 20 and I’ve said the same thing about growing up together. We just celebrated our 42 anniversary – I hope to make at leat 50 like my mom and her mom too!

    I’ve been hearing good things about your book and it does sound wonderful!

  13. Amelia Grey says:

    Cheryl, I’m still fanning myself from looking at your website! Wow! I think it’s time for another look. :-) Glad you loved the book.

    Laura, Prissy is the name of the Pomeranian in A Gentleman Never Tells and I wanted the hero to be walking a very fancy looking dog and to me there are none famcier than a Pomeranina and of course the heroine had to have the biggest dog I could find so the mastiff did quite nicely for that.

  14. Laura T says:

    My mother has a Pomeranian and they are quite beautiful but also very feisty. When I see a Pomeranian, I always think of Freddy the Fox, so I would call this one “Freddy.”

    Brent finds the dog in the park, barking madly at a squirrel he has pinned up a tree. The squirrel is chirping angrily at the dog so it’s quite a stalemate.

  15. Amelia Grey says:

    Good morning, everyone! I’m very happy to be hear with Mia. Thank you for having me.

    Rose,there are two dogs in this story and both are very important to the story. So if you like dogs, this book is for you!

    Carolyn, Hell yeah! you came very close to making my head swell! For those of you who don’t know Carolyn, “Hell Yeah” is her motto! Check her out. You’ll love her books.

    Deb, the way this story came to me was that I saw my broad-shouldered hero walking this small fancy looking dog (on leash) in the park early one morning and then I saw this beautiful young woman walking out of the mist with this huge mastiff (no leash) walking beside her. I just thought it was cute that the woman had the big dog and the man the little dog and from there the story grew to there being a dog thief.

    Hi Cindy, Oh I’m sure a lot of young ladies fought their father’s about who they would marry. Most fathers of the ton wanted to make sure their daughters married a man worthy of them and that usually meant a man who had plenty of money and could take care of them. Love was seldom in the picture.


  16. Cheryl Brooks says:

    Hi Amelia! Loved seeing you in NYC! As for the book, I’ve already read it already. Loved it!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Thanks for dropping by, Cheryl!

  17. Cindy vonHentschel says:

    Hi Amelia. Can’t wait to read this book. I have a question about the era and women in it. In your opinion, do you think women really fought their families and married for love? Or went along with Socities code and did what was proper? It is written in so many books how women turned their backs on their families to be happy, I’m just wondering if it ever did. Nice meeting you here thanks for taking the time to share!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Standing against the established order of things is always a difficult prospect, Cindy. I think you read more about the ones who bucked the system because while life is most pleasant when everyone gets along, fiction requires conflict.

      That said, I’m so glad I didn’t live during a time when I would have been expected to accept my parents’ choice for my husband.

  18. Deb says:

    Thank you for the interview, Mia and Amelia.

    I think this book sounds really good. I giggled about the concept of the hero walking a Pomeranian because we have a Chorkie and he is definitely my husband’s dog! Bear is so besotted with DH, he will curl up on his shirt or in his chair when he’s gone from home. Then, Bear turns his attention to our 11-year-old daughter. He only pays attention to me when I’m in the kitchen preparing supper! :)

    Congratulations on your long-lasting marriage. It takes work and compromise and love. I’ve been married 13 years.

    How did you get the idea to write AGNT, especially the (small) dog-walking Viscount?


    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      What’s a Chorkie?

      1. Deb says:

        Bear is half Yorkshire terrier, 1/4 chiuaua, and 1/4 pomeranian. I suppose we could call him a chorkeranian. :) It’s just easier to say chorkie.

  19. Amelia, I loved getting to know you even better in this blog. For those of you who’ve never met the author she’s telling the truth about being a girly-girl…a very beautiful one! I liked what you said about growing together rather than apart. That is a true romance story. Book sounds absolutely delightful and the cover is yummy!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Amelia’s real life romance with her highschool sweetheart is an inspiration.

  20. Rose May says:

    I love that they’re looking for a dog thief. Most of the time its a jewel thief or a murderer or assassian. I love how this implies the dog is really really important to our Viscount. I really do sympathize with the poor man having to tell his mother that he lost her dog, though. *shudders* Good luck.
    It sounds like a great read!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Agreed, Rose. I’m an avid dog lover. Mack the WonderDog and Prince Harry, my two little “boys,” are both rescued dogs. Pets who somehow find you are the best.

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