Amazon Top 100!

Each month Amazon chooses 100 titles to offer at special sale prices. I’m tickled to share that Touch of a Thief is on their Top 100 list for September. It’s on sale now for just $3.99–a whopping savings over the regular $11.90 price.

I love this story of a jewel thief who has an occupational hazard. She has the ‘gift of touch’ and is inundated with visions when she touches gem stones. Viola’s unlikely romance with Greydon Quinn, who coerces her into helping him find a magical red diamond, was great fun to write.

It was my first story with more than a brush of magic in it and led naturally to the adventures of Viola’s cousins who have a similar gift of touch in Touch of a Rogue and my newest Touch of a Scoundrel! Then there’s also the little enovella prequel Touch of a Lady that tells the story of Viola’s great-grandmother–the first one in the family with the psychometric gift.

If you are a member of a romance book club, don’t forget that I have a Discussion Guide available here on the website. The only thing more fun than an engaging read is sharing it with friends. Let me know if your club decides to read Touch of a Thief. Send a pic of your group and I’ll post it here!

If you have a FB, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest account, I hope you’ll consider sharing this link with your friends there! Thanks for helping me get the word out. Times are tough so I’m glad my book is being offered at a bargain price.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Top 100!

  1. Shakespeare says:

    Hurray for you! But of COURSE it’s on the list! Your writing is spectacular!

    I’m not even a romance fan, but your writing is so fantastic I can’t help it. Off to download it now…

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Thanks, Shakespeare! Did you know my heroine and her sister’s names came from YOUR heroines–Viola and Ophelia. Even Viola’s niece Portia was named with a nod to the Bard. ;-)

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