A Good Agent is Hard to Find

I’ve always said the wrong agent is worse than no agent and cautioned aspiring writers against leaping into representation. I’ve heard so many horror stories of authors who were ripped off by the person who was supposed to be in their corner.

But the right agent is like having a superhero at your side. Fortunately, my superhero is Natasha Kern. She finds the right publishing home for my work, guides me through the legal maze of contracts and advocates for me at every step along the way. When it’s time to put together a new proposal, she’s a creative sounding board for my ideas. For Natasha, it’s more than selling the next book. She’s got her eye on where my writing career is heading and how she can help me get there. I know she gives all her clients that same nuturing care.

This year, she’s been a godsend as I made the transition from Emily Bryan to Mia Marlowe and a new publishing house (or two! More about my exciting strongnew/strong venture in future blog post…). Natasha is incredible. That’s why I’m so pleased to share that she has reached a professional milestone of her own.

Natasha Kern recently sold her 1000th book.

Let that sink in for a minute. It’s a huge accomplishment. And since she passed that marker, she’s sold two more in a publishing climate that can fairly be described as brutal. I’m totally in awe of her and so blessed to be part of her family of clients.

If you’re a writer, you’ll appreciate her Writer’s Corner where she shares some articles on her ideas about fiction and what makes for an engaging read that “works in all the worlds.” If you’re on Facebook, be sure to drop by Natasha’s profile and congratulate her on her 1000th sale!

Is there someone in your life who’s helped you reach a goal? I’d love to hear about that person and how he or she has impacted you.

4 thoughts on “A Good Agent is Hard to Find

  1. MiaMarlowe says:

    Thanks, Gillian. I feel like the lucky one. Natasha frees me from having to worry about the business aspects of writing. I get to play with my characters and make stuff up. How sweet is that!

  2. Gillian Layne says:

    Wow, what a great accomplishment! I think it’s pretty amazing when two creative minds actually feel the same way about a book and work together to bring it to life. I’m so happy for you and for her. She’s lucky to have you, Mia! :)

  3. MiaMarlowe says:

    You’re a very wise lady, Jane. You hold the keys to your own future.

    But that said, it’s wonderful to have someone come alongside to help you toward it. When you’re ready, I wish an agent like Natasha for you.

  4. Jane L says:

    Congrats to Natasha on her 1000th sale. Sales are a tough job and it takes dedication and tenacity to keep moving forward. That is a wonderful accomplishment!

    I am thrilled you have someone who believes in your work Mia as much as your fans do. It is so important that we find an agent who supports our work. I read all kinds of horror stories about the unique relationship between agents and authors and pray when the time comes, I will not be so anxious I choose poorly.

    I think there are many, people who influence me in different ways,so to pick one is difficult. Deep in my heart I feel the only person that can really make you the best you can be is YOURSELF.

    Others may lead us to a path, we must choose to go down it. I think it is important to surround yourself with people who support and encourage your goals, either personal or professional and learn from those people.

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