A Cover is Born

I know we should be having Red Pencil Thursday today, but my volunteer is out of the country and asked if I’d bump her critique till she was back. Watch for RPT next week. Today I thought I’d give you a peek into what goes into bringing you my Rock*It Reads ebooks.

Part of the fun of doing my Rock*It Reads indie pubbed books is working directly with a designer to craft the covers. For my traditionally published books, I fill out a little questionaire and make suggestions, but I don’t see anything till the art departments at Kensington and Sourcebooks come out with the final product. Now that I’ve been through the process with a designer a few times, I have a fresh appreciation for the detailed work they do.

Original image for Touch of a LadyFor Touch of a Lady, my soon-to-be-released prequel to the Touch of Seduction series, I was amazed at how far removed from the original photo the final cover turned out to be. My designer sent me a number of pictures of couples to pick from and the reason I liked this one was the way both the man and woman seemed intent on tearing off each other’s clothing. Since this is a “love at first sight” story, that seemed to fit.

But, my hero and heroine both have dark hair and these two are blondes. My heroine’s dress needed to be peacock blue and the straps were so not right for the era and the skirt was too narrow. My designer was able to fix all that with Photoshop and judicious cropping.

Touch of a LadySince Touch of a Lady is connected to a traditionally published series that comes out from Kensington, it needed to fit with the tone and design of those books. How could my designer make this Rock*It Reads novella match the rest?

Fortunately, she was able to find and purchase the exact same scrollwork the Kensington artists used for author name/title treatment for Touch of a Thief, Touch of a Rogue and Touch of a Scoundrel. This little detail really helps my self-published story dovetail with my New York published ones.

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Some of you may remember a couple years ago when I posted chapters of A Duke for All Seasons as I wrote them. I was wondering if you’d all enjoy seeing a serial version of an upcoming Rock*It Reads here on my blog as I work through it. Or would you rather wait for the final product? Let me know and I’ll go with the majority opinion.

6 thoughts on “A Cover is Born

  1. Marcy W says:

    The cover for “Touch of a Lady” is gorgeous! Love the blue of her dress, and the rope of pearls his fingers are tangled in, plus the scrollwork = just grand! I think you and your designer are doing great work together; dare I say, perhaps even better than the NY publishers’ designers?? And maybe more fun, too.
    As for the serial idea … I like either way, so maybe some other readers will have better comments for you, Mia. :)

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Thanks, Marcy. I’d never throw stones at my NY art departments. They are fabulous and I’ve been so blessed in my covers.

      Doing another serial novel is just something I’m playing with. It would have to be at a snail’s pace, probably once or twice a month, which might be too slow for most readers.

  2. julie says:

    i just hate it when they get the covers different to what the hero is in the book. but i dont like it either when they chop the heroes head half off. i know they say through researh that readers like to make their own minds up about what he looks like.but book love coverers know now how to spot jimmy or paul marrons abs. theres only so many covers with that i want too. so now i have an e reader some fun gone

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Since I read on my phone, I still get to see the beautiful covers in color. But my DH has a Kindle and I know what you mean. B&W doesn’t cut it.

      One of the reasons the heads were chopped off on TOUCH OF A LADY is that this cover needed to match the rest of the series, which (you guessed it) features headless torsos.

  3. eli yanti says:

    the last cover is more beautiful, mia :)

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Thanks, Eli. Glad you like it.

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