20Days/20Books~Day 10

HeartWe’re half-way through my 20Days20Books Reader Appreciation Celebration. I hope you’re feelin’ the love! Each day you have a chance to win a download of Plaid to the Bone from my publisher Kensington, a chance to meet one of my generous writer friends, and finally a chance at one of my 19 backlist books. And don’t forget the Grand Prize: A Kindle Paperwhite!

Plaid to the BoneEach day I share a bit more from my newest Scottish romance. I introduced you to Callum Farquhar earlier (and if you want to find out what nefarious activity got his ear nailed to the stocks, check out the first chapter.) Here’s another excerpt from his journal:

“Love isna about sonnets and nosegays. It doesna reside in the giving and receiving of a ring. It happens when one person sees another person’s soul clear through, warts and all, and then, by some mercy of God, doesna turn away.”

—From the journal of Callum Farquhar,
unlucky in love, romantic at heart, and still waiting for my own private miracle.

Want to read more of Farquhar’s thoughts on love?
Find Plaid to the Bone at: Kindle | Nook | iBooks | Kobo
And for my international friends: AmazonUK | AmazonCA | AmazonDE

Katherine Garbera

One of the joys of writing has been getting to know other authors. I was invited to join the Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills this year and met my blog guest, Katherine Garbera, at the RWA Convention in Atlanta at the JQ’s breakfast (where a number of blackmail worthy pictures of me were taken, but we’ll not dwell on that!)

Katherine and I have a good deal in common. We both love to travel and have lived in many different states. But Katherine is one up on me. A Florida girl at heart, she and her family nevertheless make their home in the Midlands of the UK right now. What a wonderful adventure (and as you know I’d rather have an adventure than a new sofa!)

Another thing we have in common is a love of romance and a guaranteed HEA. Here’s a bit about Kathleen’s newest release: His Instant Heir

It was only one night…

His Instant HeirCari Chandler can’t forget Declan Montrose. Their baby is a living reminder. The baby she hasn’t told him about. The no-commitment billionaire—and her family’s sworn enemy—walked out of her life the morning after. But now he’s back…with a vengeance!

Taking over her company is the last step to victory in their families’ long feud. But Cari’s more than collateral damage to Dec. He wants—needs—to seduce her again and again. Until he finds out she’s hidden something more precious than her company. His son. And Dec intends to claim him…no matter the cost.

Katherine has graciously offered a copy to a random commenter. You might win your choice of print or ebook, but why trust to luck? Claim your copy now! 

How to Please a Pirate

How to Please a PirateYes, I confess it. This book was a delight to write. The course of true love between Gabriel Drake, my prodigal pirate and Jacquelyn Wren, the courtesan’s daughter, couldn’t be expected to run true!

And to add to the fun, a reader reported to me that this story was on display at the Museum of London Docklands next to the Johnny Depp memorabilia. Most appropriate since my hero in How to Please a Pirate was sentenced to hang in that same London neighborhood.

This book is available separately or as part of the How To series book bundle (currently offered at a ridiculously low 99 cents!)

The Prize

Today the goodie bag is bulging with a download of Plaid to the Bone, His Instant Heir and How to Please a Pirate! And of course, each comment enters you for the Grand Prize: a Kindle Paperwhite!

Here’s our question: Katherine and I have both lived in lots of places. How about you? Have you moved around or have you stayed put? What are the advantages/disadvantages to either?



92 thoughts on “20Days/20Books~Day 10

  1. Christine A. says:

    I have only moved once from MN to FL. I would like to move once or twice more before I settle down. I like the change of scenery/pace. I actually don’t mind the packing, unpacking, moving aspect.

  2. Nicole Laverdure says:

    I grew up, had my family and worked while living in a city in Quebec. When I retired from work, we bought a house and moved away to another small city a two hour drive from our kids. When I love a place, I usually stay!

  3. ELF says:

    I have lived in the same general area for most of my life except for the time I spent in school but fortunately I live in an area of great cultural diversity so there is always something new to discover.

  4. Janie McGaugh says:

    I lived in several cities when I was growing up and three different ones in early marriage, finally settling back where we started.

  5. Pat Cochran says:

    We’re folks who don’t believe in moving
    about. My parent’s alone have 4 genera-
    tions, 63 descendants, all born here in Houston and most still living here. Mom
    and Dad each had nine siblings, so we
    easily could count up into the hundreds
    of Houstonians. We haven’t had a reunion
    lately, the next could be quite large.

  6. Linda Thum says:

    I’m so tied to hearth & home! When I had to leave home for university I was miserable for the all the 4 years I was away. Admittedly it was a good experience to be away & to experience a different culture. I don’t mind short trips for a vacation but not a prolonged stay.

  7. Sandy Xiong says:

    It’s sad to say I have move around a lot but in the same city mostly. I would live in one house for like 2-3 years and then a new house later. I think by the time I finished high school, I had already lived in 8 different houses/apts. I’m must lucky I didn’t have to change schools as much. I only switch 3 times because of the boundary line that each school have.

  8. Barbara S says:

    I have lived my whole life with a 50 mile radius. My children have moved around with their jobs and I think it is wonderful. I am a stay-at-home person as hate new things and places now but think I would not be so if I had moved around and had to experience new things early in my life.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      After living in the same town all her life, my grandmother moved when she was in her 90s to be close to my dad and me and my family. She had a sweet little duplex where she made cookies and read her mystery novels. It was wonderful for my girls to get to know her in the four years we had her near us.

  9. Joy Isley says:

    I have lived most of my life in Arizona after coming from my hometown in Colorado when I was in grade school. I’m glad I wasn’t stuck living in my hometown since it is so small and would not have offered me the opportunities I’ve had ..I like living in Arizona.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      We moved around as my DH followed career opportunities. Our lives would have been very different if he’d stayed in his very small hometown.

  10. Jackie Wisherd says:

    I have only lived in three states; I was born in Colorado; grew up in Arizona and moved to California to teach. I like that I have been able to live in these places.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      There are good things & bad things about every place we’ve called home. I’ve always tried to make where I currently live my favorite.

  11. Catherine Lemanski says:

    When I was in high school, we moved alot. My father was transferred from VA to Chicago and then PA. I went to four different high shcools in my last three years. At the time, I hated it, but as I grew older, I realized it helped me adjust to new situation easier.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      And I thought 2 high schools was a lot. It’s good that you were able to wring a positive from all those moves.

  12. Marcy Shuler says:

    I’ve always lived in Michigan, but I started out on the East side of the state and now live on the West side. Michigan is just *home* for me and I doubt I’ll ever leave it.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      How a place feels is so important.

  13. Laura Collins says:

    I was born in California (Bay Area) and moved to South Carolina when I was 15 years old. I am still living in South Carolina. It was hard moving because I had to leave all my friends and family. We have no family in SC and moved because of my dads job. But I love SC and have no plans to move. I think it is exciting to move around and get to see and experience different areas to live in. I also think that it is nice to just live in one place that way you have your friends and family that you grow up with.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      People in the Carolinas are wonderful. We still stay in touch with friends we made when we lived in NC.

  14. I grew up in a small mining town in British Columbia Canada (hubby says nay to the growing up part) moved to Edmonton Alberta for nurses training, then to California to find a husband. My generation after all, was geared to marry and have children. I fell for it! Moved to Sacramento where there were two air force bases, but ended up marrying an Engineer. We moved from Sacramento to Grand Coulee WA, had 3 children, then hit the pioneering road to Juneau Alaska. Nothing quite like Alaska. Final resting residence is in the Pacific Northwest of WA state 12 miles south of the Canadian border & 10 minutes from the ocean. My hope is to make it to Scotland. How can I write about castles, and a land until I’ve walked it?

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      How exciting it must be to live in Alaska! I know the winters are brutal, but it was amazing when we visited one September.

  15. Nancy says:

    I moved from a southern US state to New England as a child, where I intend to remain. I like a familiar home base but would love to travel more.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      When I was in high school we had to write down our goals for an English assignment. After marriage and a family, travel was my #3.

  16. Ashley Clark says:

    Love your books, Mia! I’ve read everyone. =)

    I’ve lived in Georgia most my life but was born in New Orleans. I’ve been to a couple places in Europe but if I could go anywhere, I would love to visit Scotland. Must be why I love Highlanders so much. =)

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Aren’t you sweet, Ashley! Thanks so much!
      I adored Scotland when we visited last June.

  17. Becky says:

    I’ve lived in two states now. Grew up in one and moved to the other after college. Hubby and I, thought about moving before buying our house and starting our family but realized we would never be able to move back to the area if we left at that time. Too expensive! Love to travel thought – can’t wait for my daughter to get old enough to take her to Europe.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Our kids got their first passports when they were 8 & 10, thanks to my DH’s travel industry IT job.

  18. Shirley Cochran says:

    I lived in my family home from age 3 until 26 when I moved to another city and an apartment for about 4 years after which my husband and I bought the house we have been in for 30 years. We like the area and the convenience of the gas station, food stores, etc. so we think we will stay although the stairs in our bilevel are killing our knees!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      When we bought the house we’ll move to next year, I had my DH’s knees in mind. 2 of his older siblings have had knee replacements, so I made sure our “forever” home was on one level.

  19. Theresa N says:

    I moved around a lot as a child, hated every minute of it. So as an adult staying put is important to me.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      I moved as a kid and as an adult. The longest I’ve stayed anywhere was 11 years, during our kids’ growing up time.

  20. Mary Jo Toth says:

    I have lived in Michigan most of my life but I did spend 3 years in Phoenix, AZ and 1 year in Austin, TX. Snow isn’t always fun but the season changes in MI are pretty spectacular.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      The upper midwest is pretty, but after living in New England, Minneapolis, Denver, Park City UT, Iowa and Wyoming, I’m over snow.

  21. bn100 says:

    moved around; you see a lot of different things

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Not only different things, but different ways of looking at life. People think differently in different places. Geography really is destiny in some ways.

  22. Amy Hart says:

    I have lived in 3 counties in the 27 years I’ve existed. Since being on my own I have moved about four times. Some of those times was to move back in with parents. Since being married forfour years though I have only moved twice. I hate moving. Too much packing and unpacking.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      After a while, I started saving the boxes. I knew I’d need them again.

  23. Glittergirl says:

    I am a home town girl. My husband and I were both born here and graduated the same year from the same high school. We started dating in college and are one of the 7 couples that married in our graduation class. He and his father practiced law together until his dad retired after 50 years in this same town. I love to travel but my hubby has a hard time leaving town as he practices alone with no one to cover for him and is the sole provider for our family. Law is tough in the same town as the school that graduates them. Someday my daughter and I will travel and see all the grand castles and cathedrals I long to experience. In the mean time I read about them :-)

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Two of my sister-in-laws travel together because their spouses don’t want to. I hope you and your daughter make it to the castles!

  24. Shirene says:

    I moved around all my life. Good thing was getting to meet such a huge number of people. The bad part was I never knew how long we would be before packing up and leaving new friends. However books filled the void and made life bearable.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Books really can become like old friends, can’t they?

  25. Carolyn R says:

    I moved around alot when I was a child & I hated it. I changed schools every few months & had to make new friends. Which was hard!! Now that I’m grown with children of my own, I don’t what them to feel the way I did growing up. I have been living in my home for 13 years now & my sons have been going to the same school. They love there school & all the friends they have had since kindergarten.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Stability is important for kids, but it can make them stretch a bit, which isn’t necessarily bad. I went to 3 different elementary schools, 2 high schools, but it sounds like you have me beat.

  26. Quilt Lady says:

    I have pretty much stayed put. I grew up in a place about fifty miles from where I live now. I have been living here for 29 years now and I would hate to have to move now. I have to much junk.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      I jokingly tell my mother she could start a home decorating boutique with the gewgaws and gizzwhickies she already has!

  27. Laurie W G says:

    Born in a small city (12,000) in Wisconsin. I lived there for 18 years. I moved to Madison, WI for college and then I started my first job there. Hopped around living in five different cities after I married. We finally settled in a rural area on a small lake about 5 miles from the closest small city(2000) in 1986. In 1995 we became seasonal snow birds. I became a Florida resident in 2001. We still hop up to Wisconsin for several months, so I get the best of both worlds and seasons.

    Moving forces you to keep your possessions to a minimum. I loved staying put through my grade school and high school years. I still keep up with several friends from HS and college.

    In Florida I live in a larger city so I am exposed to more shopping opportunities, restaurants, concerts, plays etc. In Wisconsin I can enjoy the peace and quiet of the country life.

    Down side- I must travel back and forth every year. Duplicate possessions. You forget what you own and where you put things!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      My great-grandmother had 3 homes–one each in Missouri, Florida and Minnesota. It would be confusing for me, but she was very well organized.

  28. Armenia says:

    As a child we moved around a lot since my dad was in the military. I envied friends left behind because they had the stability and familiarity of home and family.

    The plus side for me and my family was that we got to see much of the country as we traversed from coast to coast which was three times.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      Another good thing about moving is that our family became very tight-knit. No matter where we were, we knew we had each other.

  29. Diane Sallans says:

    I’ve stayed put, except going away to college – tho I used to travel every year. Right now I’m at the beach 4 states away from home, not looking forward to the drive back home, and will be glad to get there and settle back in.
    (You can exclude me from the e-book drawings – don’t have an eReader).

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      But you might win the Kindle Paperwhite, Diane.

  30. I grew up in Missouri, went to college in New Hampshire, then lived in Colorado for over a decade. I’ve loved experiencing different parts of the country, but it’s made it hard to maintain long friendships.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      True. I’ve reconnected with some of my long distance friends via FB, but it’s not the same as being a daily part of each others’ lives.

  31. Sarah Meral says:

    I never lived in another country or city, in fact I never even moved .
    I live in a old house in the middle of nowhere are I love it. I´m not a city person, so am always glad to be home again after a trip to a city :)

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      I’ve lived in urban condos and log cabins. Both have their charms and downfalls.

  32. Theresa Fischer says:

    I have lived in the same state my whole life. When I got married I moved about 45 miles from where I grew up. I wouldn’t like to move around from place to place, all that packing and unpacking. It would get old real quick!

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      The best thing about moving is the opportunity to purge my stuff.

  33. may says:

    I moved a lot when I was a kid… It was hard to make friends in new school…. But I did learn and see a lot!

    1. Mia says:

      I had to learn to make friends quickly since I never knew how long I’d be there.

  34. CrystalGB says:

    I have stayed put. It is comforting to be in familiar surroundings.

  35. Danny says:

    In my life I moved twice within the town where I was born and three years ago I moved to a more rural area. No more factories but fields everywhere. Big advantage for me is the health factor. My asthma problems got much better, because the air is cleaner.

    1. Mia says:

      There is a pasture behind the home waiting for us in the midwest. Last time we were there it was so quiet, I could hear the cows tearing the grass.

      1. Danny says:

        Mia, it is beautiful and all the animals that live here. Deer, owls etc.

  36. Azucena Rodriguez says:

    I’ve moved…from one side of the highway to the other xD Wow, what a thrill, lol.

    1. Mia says:

      One of the worst moves we ever made was from one apartment to another in the same building. We thought we didn’t need to pack as much since we weren’t going across country and ended up making lots more trips up and down the stairs than we should have.

  37. Cate Sparks says:

    I moved around when I was younger. This does help keep the clutter down to a minimum.

    1. Mia says:

      For a while, we moved every May. It did cut down on the accumulated stuff.

  38. Elizabeth says:

    I’m from Charleston, South Carolina and have lived here all my life and I love it. Even though it’s not exactly a hotspot for young people (I’m 25), home is home. I love the weather, I love the diversity of people, and just the general culture of the lowcountry.

    The longest I was away from SC in when I stayed in South Australia with my husbands for 3 months. When we were engaged he stayed in SC with me for 3 months and I went back to Australia with him so we could decide which country we wanted to live in. Australia is nice, but I could never live there permanently. So back to SC we went. :)

    1. Elizabeth says:

      *husband’s family. Lord, don’t want people think I have more than one Haha, one is enough. :P

    2. Mia says:

      I’d love to visit Oz sometime… but I’ve heard great things about Charleston too. Isn’t the Spoleto Festival held there/

      1. Elizabeth says:

        Yep it is! I’ve never participated in the full 17 days the festival (it can be pricey), but I did get to see an opera because of friend did some kind stagehand work got tickets for free.

        But, yes, Charleston is very charming. :)

  39. Aly P says:

    I’ve lived in the same area, but I moved to another city for my university years.

    1. Mia says:

      I’ve never counted how many different towns I’ve lived in. That would really be a long list.

  40. Sheryl N says:

    I have lived here all my life and I will never move. I love living here on the Gulf Coast and being around water, sand and boats.

    1. Mia says:

      I will miss the ocean once we move back to the midwest next year. I always say any day you can see the ocean is a day of vacation!

  41. During the first half of my life, I moved frequently. But during the second half, I’ve lived in not only the same town, but also in the same house. I like this much better. But it would make some people stir-crazy!

    1. Mia says:

      After 9 different states, I’m ready to give staying put a try.

  42. BETH SHEEHE says:

    I have lived basically in the same area of Vermont all my life. I love knowing where everything is, where to shop, who my neighbors are. There is nothing like country living.

    1. Mia says:

      Vermont is beautiful! The DH and I took a day trip up there a few weeks ago.

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    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      I thought about deleting this obvious spam response, but then I decided to leave it because it puzzled me. Does anyone have any idea what they are talking about?

      1. Elizabeth says:

        I googled it. something to do with attracting a person you want. I guess a love charm kind of thing…

  44. Mary Preston says:

    Every time my Father received a promotion we moved. So about every 5 years it was new everything – schools, friends, home. I kind of liked it, but my Mother hated it. I guess she was the one who had to do the actual packing up etc. I have finally settled into my own home.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      It does make you resilient, doesn’t it, Mary? And there’s something to be said for a clean slate every 5 years or so.

  45. Ada says:

    With the exception of the first few years of my life, I’ve grown up on the same street with a bunch of my good friends. We went through elementary and high school together, so I can’t imagine what it would have been like had I moved around to alot of different places while growing up. It has been such a stabilizing force in my life and we formed such close bonds that wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t spend all those years together.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      While I can’t wish away my experiences, there is something in me that envies you.

      We plan to move to a small town next year and put down some roots. But no matter how long we live there, we will always be “not from around here.”

  46. Jessica V. says:

    I lived in Luxembourg for a few months while i played professional basketball. That was probably the BEST experience i ever had in my young adult life. I went against my parents wishes, but i grew so much as a person… to see how the rest of the world thinks just challenged, enlightened, and opened me up to things i would have never done if i obeyed my parents and stayed home. I am a firm believer that everyobe should live out of our country at least once in their life.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      What a wonderful experience, Jessica, and kudos on your athletic prowess. I’m so impressed!

      My DH and I have lived in 9 different states since we’ve been married, so we’ve had a chance to see how people think in lots of different places. But the one road not taken we regret was a chance to move to Swindon, England when our kids were very small. We should have done that, but it was a contract job with no clear way to get back to the States when it was done. Still, we should have made that move.

  47. Anita H. says:

    I’ve pretty much stayed put all my life growing up in the same city. I love knowing exactly where everything is and how to get to all the best spots in town! I would have a hard time moving away from everything that’s familiar and starting from scratch.

    1. Mia Marlowe says:

      I moved quite a bit as a child, attending 3 different grade schools and 2 high schools. But my DH went to school with the same kids K-12. I sort of envy him that. He knew where home was.

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