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A Coldwater Warm Hearts Wedding

Coming April 25th!

Mia has just signed two new contracts with Kensington. She’ll be writing more books for her Coldwater Cove contemporary series, under the penname Lexi Eddings. But her editor also asked for more historicals!

So Mia is starting a new historical series called the House of Lovell! For more about this series, check out her blog!

In the meantime, the 2nd Lexi Eddings book, A COLDWATER WARM HEARTS WEDDING, will be out April 25th!

Everyone longs for a place to be loved and accepted, warts and all. And Coldwater Cove has its share of warts! But while this cozy corner of the world is home to just about anyone who wants to put down roots, the way has been barred to Michael Evans.

Michael’s dad saw to that, but when Michael learns his mother is battling breast cancer, nothing can keep him away. Of course, he didn’t figure on getting roped into being best man at his sister’s upcoming wedding, but as long as Michael’s back in town, he figures he’s got a second chance with the girl who got away—Heather Walker.

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